The planner designed for creatives; to help you be more productive, 
make daily progress on your goals and prioritise your wellbeing.


Stop flippin' from idea to idea

Here's what you receive; 

  • A Printable Template For Daily Planning, based on a proven framework for creative growth
  • Video Tutorials in Productivity & Goal setting 
  • A Daily Preparation Planner to ensure wellbeing and ongoing professional development 
  • Free Access to one Focused Creative Community call where you plan your week with other creatives, making use of all the ideas, insights & connections.

💥  All this for just £4.99 💥


🍕  Pizza Delivery in... 🍕

(That's right, at the end of the month, one Creative Pursuit user gets a pizza on Tom!)

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Wake Up To The Power Of A Plan!

  • Are you keen to improving your skills, but lack the commitment to rehearse, write or take action?
  • Are you dreaming big, without taking the steps that lead to great opportunities?
  • Are you in need of clients or an audience, but seeing very little growth?
  • ​Do you want to move beyond being a 'starving artist' and have more financial security? 

    💥  All of this is within your control.

    💥  The Creative Pursuit is here to help.

    💥  Stop dreaming, stressing & hoping.

    👇  Become intentional 👇


    Chief Champion of Creatives

    Creator, Tom Elliott

    As a self employed Comedian & Magician, I soon realised I had to balance the tricks of my show, with tricks of the trade!

    Taking the entrepunerial approach to fulfil my dream, I spent hundreds of pounds seeking to become productive and learn the art of Goal Achievement. Having tried everything, I eventually found my own methodology that worked.

    Described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, I've since crafted a full time career, touring across the UK. I worked hard to create my own opportunities including appearances on BBC TV & Radio, a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and have been listed amongst the top 30 'aged 30 or under, stars of Gloucestershire Business.' I've raised almost £10,000 in crowdfunding support, whilst also co-founding my own regular variety night in Doncaster.

    In time, the methodology that I created became the Focused Creative signature framework, that has fast tracked the ambitious growth of my work and others.

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